the most fantabulous review in the history of ever

I haven’t been posting lately because I am eyeball-deep in my Romanian collective unconscious document (I should have a complete draft in a few days which will be something like 18,000 words, or about 65 pages).  It’s a whole lot of dreamlike WTF, and after I am done I will have an underlying structure on top of which I will start overlaying the main plot of In the Red.  But–I had to briefly emerge from my blogging moratorium to share with you guys the most fantabulous review in the history of ever, courtesy of Simon Schama at The Financial Times.  I so, so hope that this review is blurbed on the softcover edition of my book.  Actually, here–please vote on which blurb should be prominently featured on the next edition of 13 rue Thérèse:


Dear Mr. Schama, I shake your hand.


2 responses to “the most fantabulous review in the history of ever

  1. That was by far the most enjoyable review I’ve read in a long time. (And easily the most fantabulous) I voted, but my real vote would be for simply “a flirty, dirty tease of a novel” as your blurb…I mean, wow. On second thought, forget the blurb, Elena. Just get that tattooed on yourself already.

    • Thank you!

      I know: I was thinking of inking the text of the whole review over my entire back. Also I am going to have Simon Schama’s babies. Goddamn, it feels great to be understood.

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