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I was born in Paris, France, and moved to the United States at the age of 13.  I’ve amassed several degrees in literature and writing around the San Francisco Bay Area (Stanford University, Mills College, UC Davis), where I still live with one scientist husband and two elderly half-Siamese cats who spend all day following sunbeams around the house.  I am the author of two novels, 13 rue Thérèse (2011), and In the Red (2014), both from Little, Brown.  I am, of course, trying to write yet another novel and I have a bunch of pages but I DON’T KNOW WHAT ORDER THEY GO IN.  Please send hugs/chocolate/narcotics.



Write me at elenamaulishapiro (at) gmail (dot) com, or contact me through my agent.


14 responses to “The author/contact

  1. I obviously don’t know you, I love 13 rue Therese; however, as writing exposes the soul deeply, I believe you are a very exceptional woman

  2. Elena,
    We are looking forward to hosting you at Corrick’s in Santa Rosa for the Sonoma County Book Festival.If you have any special requests, please let me know.
    Keven Brown
    Owner, Corrick’s

  3. Patricia Broders Hysko

    My husband and I were in Paris last week to celebrate his birthday and we had a tiny apt on the corner of rue Therese and rue Ste Anne! Your building was the frist place I found! Brought pictures of it home!
    Have stayed fascinated an inspired by your book and now helping a friend who discovered a box of momentos in an old house she bought.

  4. I was given 13, RUE THERESE as a Christmas gift and found it to be totally addictive, both in terms of taking my reading time and my thoughts when I am not reading. I am struggling with trying to figure out what the initials NB stand for. They are found initially on p. 62 and then scattered throughout the book and are the lead in to aside comments from Trevor as he shares his finding of “the record”. Obviously these are not the only unanswered questions, but just what I am struggling with right now. I love a puzzle and a book that makes me think, and wonder, and ponder. Thank you for this amazing work.

    • Thank you so much! I am glad you’re enjoying the book! NB stands for “nota bene,” Latin for “note well,” or “pay attention,” often used in academic writing for interesting side notes.


        Thank-you for your quick response! Obviously, it was not crucial to my enjoyment of the book, but it gnawed at me that I couldn’t figure it out. I guess it’s also obvious I am not a Latin scholar! Gave the book to my daughter last night. Eager for her to read it so that we can talk about it. Next best thing to reading a good book is having a discussion about it!

        Thanks so much for sharing your talent! Cheri Stine

  5. Sabrina Sierra

    I came across this book while working on an assignment for my World Literature class. I became enthralled with the story of Louise from the moment i started reading, and could not put the book down. It is by far, one of the best love stories I’ve ever read

  6. Sabrina Sierra

    I have only one question, although it may become completely obvious later, but who is the ‘Sir’ that Trevor is referring to?

  7. Judith Scott

    Just finished this amazing book! So many things were evident by the end, which makes me want to reread it knowing those. I live in Danville CA, and belong to an amzing bookclub, over 30 years old and still going strong. I wonder if you ever attend smaller meeting like that?

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