Bandwidth limit exceeded–noooooooooooo!

[Edit Sunday Feb 27 18:17 PST: seems to be back up–phew.]

This is the message currently displayed at!  Yipes!  (Well, minus the “noooooooooooo!”)

In a way I am guessing this is awesome, because it must mean that lots of people have checked out the site, no?  Anyway, I e-mailed a bunch of marketing & internet people in the hopes of hitting the right person to fix the problem.  It will surely be back up Tuesday at the latest, because as I understand it, bandwidth is something that’s re-upped every month?  I think it will probably be back before then, when someone gets wind of the problem.  I wonder how long it’s been like that?  It must be in part due to this absolutely fantastic review of 13 rue Thérèse at the Los Angeles Times.  Huzzah!  As far as I am concerned, the question of New York vs. LA has been permanently settled because





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