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In which I turn a bad review into an endorsement through the magic of ellipses

Man, this past week or so has sucked on a level which is starting to reach comical proportions.  First my novel collapsed.  Then my bicycle got stolen.  Then I got food poisoning on Wednesday night which caused me to spend most of Thanksgiving weekend puking.  Then this morning I woke up to a shitty review from Kirkus.  Actually, it wasn’t so much a review as a reductive and dismissive plot summary.  Are they supposed to do that?  Pepper their careless assessment with spoilers?  It doesn’t seem very sportsmanlike.

Anyway, I spent the afternoon in bed feeling sorry for myself.  Then I thought about how magical punctuation is.  More specifically, the power of the ellipsis.  Check it out:

“Metafiction … culminate[s in]… […]remarkable… literary…romance … [T]he book is a… goldmine.”

Kirkus Reviews

I was all bummed that I couldn’t use the word “gifted” because it didn’t come in the right order until I saw that the word “remarkable” (even better!) was positioned correctly, as long as you removed that pesky “un.”

Pretty sweet, no?  Worthy jacket copy, I would say.