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This is what happens when people are empty.

I just did a bunch of stuff to my blog!  I put all three covers of my book’s editions published so far under the “13 rue Thérèse” tab, and will keep adding them as they get published.  (I think France is next at the end of this year.)  Also, each tab now has its own header, different iterations of the same photograph in various PhotoFunia montages.  Is it awesome?

It was nice to go all OCD for a while on something that is not terrifying.  A few days ago, I watched a two-hour interview with Jeffrey Dahmer and his father.  Then afterward I went on a huge google binge about American serial killers.  And then I went to bed.  My advice would be, now that I have done this: do not do that.

I have effectively fucked myself in the brain for this whole week.  Some of the specimens from my ill-advised google binge:

Backwards through time:

  • Ted Bundy, 1946-1989, good-looking dude with crazy gleam in his eye.  Raped and killed a stunning number of young women (30 confessed, actual number unknown).  Necrophiliac.  Interstate murder sprees.  Represented himself at trial.  Executed.
  • Albert Fish, 1870-1939, scruffy old gent who tortured, mutilated, raped, killed, and ate children.  Seriously.  If you ever want to sleep again, do not read the letters he wrote to the families of his victims.  A masochist as well as a sadist.  Made psychiatry look damn bad when he was diagnosed as “sane” so he could be executed.
  • H.H. Holmes, 1861-1896, one of the original American serial killers.  Harvested victims from the Chicago world’s fair, usually single young women who stayed in his hotel/”murder castle” (outfitted with various torture chambers and body processing amenities).  Raped, tortured, killed and stripped his victims of flesh–then sold their skeletons and organs to medical schools.  Really.

So, you see, I have fodder for nightmares for quite a while.  Also, here is something that I find just as disturbing as the horrific crimes committed by these severely fucked-up individuals: the shocking amount of time these dudes operated with total impunity.  I mean, holy shit.  Holmes built a fucking hotel with gas chambers and lime pits in the middle of Chicago.  And none of the representatives from the medical schools ever asked him, dude, where do you keep getting all these skeletons?  Sometimes total human indifference is as unfathomable to me as the most depraved evil.  You might remember this story about Dahmer if you paid attention to his trial in the early 90s: one of his victims, a 14-year old boy, escaped when he woke up from his drugged sleep while Dahmer was off doing something.  The boy went stumbling out into the street buck naked and ran into these two women.  He was terrified and incoherent.  They called the police.  The police showed up.  Dahmer had the balls to show up too and collect this kid from the police despite the two women pointing out that the kid was clearly scared of him.  Because the testimony of two black chicks and a kid drugged out of his mind weighed nothing against the soothing words of one calm white dude, the police escorted the kid back to Dahmer’s apartment.  They took Dahmer’s ID but did not ask him to show them around the place despite the weird smell emanating from the bedroom.  They delivered the kid right back into the nightmare.  They left him there to be raped and killed and chopped up.  Dahmer kept his skull as a trophy.

This is what happens when people are empty.

Right now I am going to pretend that I am not a human being.  I am a fallen leaf.  I dance on the wind and decay gently into the ground with no scent.

I am a mirror.  If you do not like the image I cast, it is none of my business.  If you smash me into pieces, all you will do is make your hand bleed.  Watch out, the edges are sharp.

New! Colgate Whitening Existential Angst! With Liberal White Guilt Beads!

Dear Capitalism,

I don’t mean to complain.  I mean, you are much nicer than Feudalism.  But seriously, Capitalism, we do not need this many kinds of toothpaste.

Last night, I emptied out a tube of toothpaste.  I went to get another tube, and when I opened that one, the contents had separated into a gritty paste and a viscous blue liquid that smelled and tasted funny.  I understand that toothpaste expires eventually, and this mishap was probably due to this tube being the last one in a Costco 144-pack of Colgate that I’d been working my way through since I was eleven years old.  So, I went to Target this morning to get a single new tube of toothpaste, to discover with great awe that there was an entire aisle devoted completely to different kinds of toothpaste.  I thought: verily, this is a great country.

The aisle was half Crest, half Colgate.  I entirely bypassed the Crest half, since I’ve been brushing with Colgate as long as I can remember.  (I’m sure lots of marketers would like to figure out where that brand loyalty gland lies in my consumer brain, and how to access it.  It appears that only Colgate has found its way to it, for I do not have particular allegiances to any other kind of hygiene product.  I am, for example, a total shampoo slut, switching brands with every new bottle.)  I was confronted with a stunning panoply of Colgate products, all in graphically similar but subtly variegated packages.  Clearly, toothpaste technology had evolved since I last picked a tube (it’s been a long time; I usually just get whatever kind of Colgate Costco has, and it is always the same).  There was Colgate Whitening, and there was Colgate Clinical Whitening.  There was also Colgate Sparkling White.  Then there was Colgate with Baking Soda Whitening Bubbles.  Then there was Colgate Tartar Protection with Whitening.  Colgate with tiny strips of breath freshener leavened right into the paste.  Colgate with little globules of mouthwash hovering in gel.  Colgate Max Clean with Smart Foam (look the fuck out for that shit, it threatens “an intense sensation,” the package copy guaranteeing that the paste will absolutely explode in your mouth into rabid quantities of froth sure to clean the fuck out of your teeth so thoroughly that your teeth will be too scared to ever be dirty again–won’t you, punks?!  The experience of this product must indeed be X-treme.) and even Colgate Luminous, if you’re more into getting ineffable religious ecstasies out of your toothpaste.  Also, Colgate that comes in a little bottle instead of a tube.  Every single choice iterated in both paste and gel forms.

Capitalism, I appreciate the effort, I really do.  I really try to believe in what our patriarchs call the wisdom of the free market.  I looked at numerous Colgates, trying to gauge which one would be the best for me, since you were considerate enough to provide me with so many choices.  After a while, this started to hurt.  After a while, I considered the idea that maybe one kind of Socialist Standard Issue Government Toothpaste in a blank gray box would not be oppressive but rather restful.  After a while, I flipped the boxes over to look at the “active ingredient” in each.  Strap in, Capitalism: the “active ingredient” was the same in all the tubes.  It was also present in the same dosage in all the tubes.  All that patter and flash and all those copywriters coming up with slightly differently-worded promises of gleaming whiteness and cleanliness–indeed I could choose to have my toothpaste talk to me in the reassuring tones of a clinician or with the effervescent pep of a caffeinated cheerleader–all that choice to discover that the actual products contained in all those seductively colorful tubes at all those slightly different price points were all one and the same.

I grabbed a tube of exactly the same stuff Costco carries, the same stuff I’ve been using for years, and made a quick exit because I was thisclose to having a full-blown existential meltdown right there in the aisle.  Capitalism, I suspect that maybe you have something to do with why our nation suffers from the most mental illnesses despite the fact that it is possibly the most comfortable place to live in the world.  Capitalism, I suspect that maybe you have something to do with our fragmentation, with the slow erosion of collective experience, with our chronic loneliness, with our nameless fears, with our emptiness.  You are giving us too much; instead of making us expand in welcoming openness you are making us contract in overwhelmed terror.  Our hearts and minds may be shrinking in the face of that much choice, tightening ourselves around a few familiar things that are disappearing in our death grip because they are being translated into ever new and improved and varied versions by the wisdom, by the infinitely outward spiraling wisdom of our beloved free market.

Capitalism, please, we do not need this many kinds of toothpaste.