Whoa.  Today is the last day of 2011.  That went by fast.  What have I accomplished this year?  I have:

  • gained some weight
  • lost some hair
  • broken a bone
  • passed a kidney stone

From this we can infer that the human body is indeed God’s finest joke.  Also I have:

  • published a novel
  • and some stories
  • had a host of adventures

So, not too bad.  Next year I am starting a new job teaching humanities at my local community college.  Next year I also hope to:

  • finish my next novel
  • and some stories
  • have a host more adventures
  • not break any bones
  • not pass any kidney stones
  • maybe reproduce.  I’ll pencil that in.

We’re also going to have to move.  Moving sucks.  Nothing like moving to make you ponder burning all your books.  Because–things that are dense:

  • bricks
  • black holes
  • books

So, 2012 resolutions:

  • collect plush animals
  • take up pillow making
  • basically, a light-weight hobby, is what I’m saying.

Happy new year, everybody!


2 responses to “201(1-2)

  1. People who romanticize owning lots of books have never moved! That’s what I think. Good luck with novel-finishing.

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