A poem about being really pissed. What a topic!

I am
one who walks down a long dark corridor
to a tiny room with blood on the walls
I am
behind myself
I have a gun
Unbeknownst to me I pull the gun out
and shoot myself in the back of the neck
before I ever reach the small room.
This, my friend, is clemency.

I am
an earthquake
that rolls its way through country
where the ground never shakes.
Didn’t expect me did you?
You are so rattled
and yet
I didn’t even kill anything.

I am
a cold clear day
laughter in the night
a sigh
I am
open legs
a moan
all things lovely
if you’ll let me.

I am
a holocaust survivor
who when interviewed by a documentary maker
hisses at the camera
I am ashamed to be human
I am a frail old little gay man
yet you are afraid of me
because my anger
is correct.

I am
all woman
I am
ten times the man you are
I am
an enormous mind
beholding itself

I am
the whole world,
and you never thanked me
for my clemency.


One response to “A poem about being really pissed. What a topic!

  1. Congratulazioni, ciò che le parole …, una grande idea

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