Web madness!

All sorts of fabulous web stuff today…

First, the beautiful site 13ruetherese.com has launched.  Go look at it!  It is so pretty you will plotz!

I also have a facebook “like” page.  Go “like” me!  Even though putting it in quotes like that makes it look like a possible euphemism for something unsavory!

(I have also changed the look of this blog a little bit to accommodate all the extra links and stuff.  I hope it isn’t too crowded.)

Also totally awesome and web-related: this wonderful advance review of 13 rue Thérèse on Booktopia, an Australian book blog.  Woohoo!  I’m all international.  AND the novel is going to come out in an enhanced e-book edition, which given all the illustrations is probably going to be fantastic.

I must dash for now so I don’t have time for my usual goofball musings, but I wanted to post all this exciting stuff ASAP.  Happy 2011 everyone!


4 responses to “Web madness!

  1. I “liked” you! (And still do). The 13 rue Therese site looks fantastic! Congratulations! And weird question – but was it you or the other Elena from Mills who commented on my blog? You said before that you couldn’t read it.

  2. The website looks great! There’s so much to look through!

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